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ME – Time Now

March 15th, 2010 lynnmomevolve No comments

When we move away/relocate to a new town, one of the hardest parts is leaving cherished friends behind. Did you know that strong friendships are a bigger predictor of longevity than even close family ties? According to Prevention Magazine, a 10-year study out of Australia researched ways to lower the risk of obesity, depression, and even heart disease. It found that friendships are a major factor in our health and longevity, and the key lies in the type of relationship, not the number of friends.

Do you have some longtime friends that you have not talked to in a while? How about committing to some ME-Time Now™ and giving them a call this week (even if it means actually scheduling a specific time to do so in your calendar to be sure you get to it). Instead of feeling like you are doing something frivolous or indulgent by spending your valuable time chatting with an old pal on the phone, you can think of it as honoring your Self with a healthy habit that could improve your health and increase your longevity!

See, we all knew that something as fun as catching up with our “bestest” girlfriends had to be good for us!

Live Positively Fulfilled!

Lynn Ely
Inspiring Moms to Evolve TM